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Settled in 2004, Studio Paoletti deals with all fields of architecture and civil engineering engaging complete architecture and urban design as well as construction management and fire prevention.
During the last fifteen years our firm has gained a great deal of experience working for private clients, other architectural firms, developers, public administrations in Italy, Estonia, France, Canada and in the United States.
Our principal has been involved in various national and international academic experiences.

In our work, we rely on the concepts of Tradition and Collaboration.
Like the Irish poet and writer Oscar Wilde, we recognize the Tradition as a sequence of successful innovations and it is precisely the great Italian tradition of architecture and engineering, founded on the Vitruvian triad of the concepts of Firmitas, Utilitas and Venustas (Solidity, Utility and Beauty), which it guide the development of our projects and activities every day.
We believe in Collaboration. We believe that today a successful design needs different professional skills and abilities. In these years we have had the pleasure to collaborate with talented studios and professionals from the Italian architect Pier Carlo Bontempi (2014 Driehaus Prize Laureate) to the great Luxembourg urban planner Leon Krier (2003 Driehaus Prize Laureate) counting collaborations and participations in projects and team works with architectural firm as Cooper Robertson (New York), DPZ (Miami), UDA Associates (Pittsburgh) and many others in Italy and in the rest of the world. We have stable partnerships and collaborations with Pier Carlo Bontempi Architettura Civile & Disegno Urbano from Parma, VenturIngegneria from Bologna, Rizzieri Ingegneria from Rovigo, Arhitektibüroo Allan Strus from Tallinn, Studio Fabrizio Campanini from Pieve di Cento and many distinguished professionals who allow us every day to satisfy the needs of each client, whether private or public.
Fabio Paoletti taught Technical Architecture Design at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna. He has been Visiting Professor in urban and architectural Design at the Rome Programme of the School of Architecture of the University of Notre Dame and also Visiting Professor in architecture and engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio in the Urbino study abroad programme.
Fabio has been a member of the VIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Commission of the Province of Rovigo, Coordinator of the Urban Planning Commission of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rovigo, and is a licensed professional in Fire Prevention and is included in the ministerial lists of qualified professionals at the number: RO 01235I00221.
Since 2012 he has covered the role of Expert Member in the State  Commission for the qualification to the profession of Engineer for the Order of Engineers of the Province of Bologna.
Fabio has been a student and teaching assistant at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture’s Summer Schools in years 1993 and 1995, he is also a member of the Prince of Wales’s Alumni.
Fabio Paoletti has been a signatory to the Charter for European Urbanism and is a MICTP Member of INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioner association under the patronage of HRH The Prince Of Wales.

Recently selected projects

Public clients

2020, New Dining Hall building for the Primary and Secondary School. Executive Project and Construction Management. Client: Town of Trecenta (RO).
2018, Renovation of the Ceneselli Town Hall. Final Design. Client: Town of Ceneselli (RO).
2018, Installation of new road barriers along via Veratica and Via Corà. Executive Project and Construction Management. Client: Town of Salara (RO).
2018, Project for the soccer field new dressing facilities and entry gate restoration. Final Design. Client: Town of Ceneselli (RO).
2017, Renovation and structural improvement of the municipal Gym hall. Executive Project and Construction Management. Client: Town of Salara (RO)
2016, Redevelopment of the Municipal Park and construction of a new small soccer field. Executive Project and Construction Management. Client: Town of Salara (RO) 
2013, Renovation and extension of the Primary School. Executive Project and Construction Management. Client: Town of Salara (RO) 
2013, Redesign and restoration Piazza Dante Alighieri. Executive Project and Construction Management. Client: Town of Canda (RO). (with Venturi Ingegneria and Massarente Architettura).

Private clients

2017-2020, Pieve di Cento, Bologna (I): "Giardino delle Arti" 15 new residential buildings create a new city block a total of 5'700 m2 (with Venturi Ingegneria and Studio Campanini).
2017, Springfield, Missouri (USA). Member of the international design team for the Masterplan for Drury University. (with Pier Carlo Bontempi and Cooper Robertson).
2017, Pieve di Cento, Bologna (I): Masterplan he new “Giardino delle Arti” district (with Venturi Ingegneria and Studio Campanini).
2013-2016, Emilia Romagna Earthquake: Administrative and online management of post-earthquake reconstruction financing practices for an over € 600,000.00 total amount of contributions obtained.
2015, Tallinn, (Estonia): Project of a 600 square meter single-family villa. (with Arhitektibüroo Allan Strus).
2015, Porto Viro (RO): Construction documents for the expansion of the local hospital.
2015 Pieve di Cento, Bologna (I): New building addiction to the Magi'900 Museum for a total of 1800 square meters. (with Venturi Ingegneria and Studio Campanini).
2014, Tallinn, (Estonia): Project of two buildings for an Administrative Center of approximately 6,500 m2 (with Arhitektibüroo Allan Strus).

Tradition is a successful innovation

Oscar Wilde